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Short Sleeves Black Yukata

Short Sleeves Black Yukata

Simple and freshly looking black yukata robe with floral patterns on...
Color: Black
Model: SKV-00045

Simple and freshly looking black yukata robe with floral patterns on it, and gives a different comfort that you‘ve looking for in a dress. It has few details that accessorize the entire dress, and this would be the distinct blue band around the neckline and the short sleeves. Apparently, this will emphasize the texture of the dress. Adorns with wide obi sash trim with blue band accent, and the long end tied back forming a ribbon.

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More Info - Short Sleeves Black Yukata

The short sleeves black yukata is best for any occasion and special gatherings such as Japanese bathing session. You can pair with black or blue leggings, and finish with beautiful strappy heels.

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